Don’t be tricked by illegal copies of Microsoft Office selling for 49$ – 69$. Get the peace of mind of purchasing a fully licensed Office Suite for a quarter of the price.

OpenOfficeSuite is compatible with:
Microsoft Word (*.doc *.dot)
Microsoft Excel (*.xls *.xlw *.xlt)
Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt *.pps *.pot)
Open Office (*.sxw *.stw *.sxc *.stc)
OpenOffice Drawing (*.sxd)
OpenOffice Presentation (*.sxi *.st)
StarWriter (*.sdw *.vor)
Adobe Photoshop (*.psd)
WordPerfect (*.wp *wpd)
Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
Text Spreadsheets (*.csv *.txt)
Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)
Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)

And Many More..


Microsoft Word compatibility:

  • Open Office Suite can generate *.doc and *.rtf files 100% compatible with Microsoft Word.
  • WRITER can directly read most Microsoft *.doc and *.rtf files. As well, the Open Source Word Processor are integrated into WRITER, and can read just about all Microsoft 2.0 and higher Word files, if need be.
  • XML compatibility is expected by the end of 2005.

Compatibility with HTML (web) files:

  • WRITER and CALC can retrieve, save and e-mail HTML files.
  • Hyperlinks can be inserted in WRITER documents.
  • IMPRESS produces standard HTML files.

Microsoft Excel compatibility:

  • CALC can generate *.xls files 100% compatible with Microsoft Excel.
  • CALC can directly read most Microsoft *.xls files and can read just about all Microsoft 2.0 and higher Excel files, if need be.

Co-existence with Microsoft Office and other office suites:

  • Although Open Office Suite is intended to be a full, standalone office suite, it can co-exist with Microsoft Office and other suites.
  • File associations can easily be adjusted by the user. For example, the user can choose whether Microsoft Word or whether WRITER automatically opens a double-clicked *.doc file, and so on.

Microsoft PowerPoint compatibility:

  • IMPRESS saves files in HTML/XML, the file standard of the future.
  • However, the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer and the Open Source Presentation Program are integrated into IMPRESS, allowing Open Office Suite users to view and print, and usually edit, just about any PowerPoint file.
  • IMPRESS files can be saved along with a copy of the IMPRESSViewer, thus allowing any user, even without Open Office Suite, to view the IMPRESS file.

Compatibility with Network usage:

  • All Open Office Suite applications will retrieve and save across most networks.
  • All Open Office Suite applications automatically learn their user's habits. For example, if you save files onto the network, rather than to a local MyDocuments, this setting will automatically be remembered.
  • Open Office Suite will run on Windows, Mac and Linux

Microsoft Access compatibility:

  • BASE supports many popular databases database natively (Adabas D, ADO, Microsoft Access, MySQL), or any database through industry-standard ODBC and JDBC drivers. It also supports any LDAP compliant address book, as well as common formats such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Windows, and Mozilla.
  • Using BASE, you can not only browse your data, but also: Perform simple (single column) or complex (multi-column) sorts. View subsets of your data with simple (one-click) or complex (logical query) filters. Create powerful queries to show your data in new ways, including summaries and multi-table views. Produce reports in a wide variety of formats using the Report AutoPilot

Compatibility with Adobe PDF files:

  • WRITER and CALC can save files in *.pdf format. These files are 100% compatible with programs that read Adobe PDF files.

System Compatibility

  • Windows Vista - compatible.
  • Windows 98 - compatible.
  • Windows 98SE - compatible.
  • Windows Me - compatible.
  • Windows 2000 - compatible.
  • Windows XP Home - compatible.
  • Windows XP Pro - compatible.
  • Windows XP Home/Pro Service Pack2 - compatible.
  • Windows 95/NT - compatible, no longer supported
  • Linux - compatible, not supported
  • MAC - compatible, not supported
Depending on which programs are installed or Host OS, Open Office Suite needs between 200MB and 900MB of hard disk space.
  • Pentium (or equivalent processor) 400 MHz, 64MB RAM -- Open Office Suite will work, but performance is slower.
  • Pentium (or equivalent processor) 800 MHz, 128MB RAM -- Open Office Suite will work.
  • Pentium (or equivalent processor) 1.4 GHz, 256MB RAM -- Open Office Suite works well.
  • Pentium (or equivalent processor) 2.0 GHz, 512MB RAM, Sound Card -- Open Office Suite works well.

Hardware Compatibility:

Open Office Suite will work on a wide spectrum of personal computers. Open Office Suite is optimized for use on older, slower hardware. The main versions of Open Office Suite programs run well at the 400 Mhz speed with 64MB of RAM. Higher performance computer hardware is useful for real-time fluent speech recognition.

Open Source Compatibility:

  • Open Office Suite is proprietary software licensed under LGPL.
  • Nonetheless, a large effort is made to ensure computability with Open Source standards, as well as making where possible our files and projects as transparent as possible.
  • Good integration with the Open Source Open Office project exists.
  • Any changes made to utilized Open Source code are done so under the terms of the LGPL, and all relevant source code is in turn provided (or link is provided).

System Requirements

Generally, 64-128MB of RAM is recommended, with a minimum of 32MB present under the Windows and Linux installation. 64MB is suggested to be the bare minimum as more memory improves start-up speed and overall performance. On Windows and Linux, a minimum of 115MB of hard disk space is required (this can go up to about 240MB), while on Mac OS X, you require about 450MB of disk space.