Don’t be tricked by illegal copies of Microsoft Office selling for 49$ – 69$. Get the peace of mind of purchasing a fully licensed Office Suite for a quarter of the price.

OpenOfficeSuite is compatible with:
Microsoft Word (*.doc *.dot)
Microsoft Excel (*.xls *.xlw *.xlt)
Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt *.pps *.pot)
Open Office (*.sxw *.stw *.sxc *.stc)
OpenOffice Drawing (*.sxd)
OpenOffice Presentation (*.sxi *.st)
StarWriter (*.sdw *.vor)
Adobe Photoshop (*.psd)
WordPerfect (*.wp *wpd)
Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
Text Spreadsheets (*.csv *.txt)
Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)
Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)

And Many More..

What is included with my purchase of Open Office Suite?

You will receive the entire Open Office Suite (Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base) including the bonus FREE anti-virus software. In additional to this great software package you will also receive 8 weeks of support via our web site and email.

Are there any additional fees after purchase?

No! Once you have paid there are no additional fees to use or operate the software!

What Operating Systems are supported?

Windows 95,98,98SE / Windows ME / Windows 2000 / Windows XP Home&Pro / Macintosh / Linux

How will I receive my software?

As soon as you have completed your order and made payment we will provide you with private access to our Members Only section of the web site where you will be able to download the Open Office Suite right away and get started in less than 5 minutes.

Will this really work with Microsoft Office files?

Yes! It most certainly will! Feel free to review our testimonials.

Can I create PDF files with this software?

Yes, you will be able to save your Writer and Calc documents as PDF documents.

How large is the software download?

The setup package is between 75mb - 100mb depending on your Operating System

What are the minimum hardware and software requirements?

Generally, 64-128MB of RAM is recommended, with a minimum of 32MB present under the Windows and Linux installation. 64MB is suggested to be the bare minimum as more memory improves start-up speed and overall performance. On Windows and Linux, a minimum of 115MB of hard disk space is required (this can go up to about 240MB), while on Mac OS X, you require about 450MB of disk space.

Is support included with the software?

Yes, all of the software included has extensive Help Files that cover every aspect of the software. If your ever in doubt simply press the F1 key to open the in program Help system.

In addition to the extensive Help files included you will also receive 1 YEAR of support via our extensive online help center, which includes video tutorials and in depth guides to get you up to speed. You will also have direct access to our support team 24/7 for any technical assistance you might need with your new software.

What's so special about open-source software?

Open-source means that the the code behind the computer program is available for all to see. In the words of the Open- Source Initiative: "When programmers can read, redistribute, and modify the source code for a piece of software, the software evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing."